About Exetel Residential Broadband Support (1/1/10)

How Exetel Support is Different

Exetel has Network Engineers that take direct responsibility with your service problem and work with the carrier to ensure the fastest possible resolution to the problem.

Exetel has a very comprehensive user forum which can help you with almost any problem that relates to your service setup an operation, as well as many, many topics that provide helpful advice and solution to problems other users have had with a wide range of issues. Exetel also has comprehensive FAQs and a detailed support WIKI. If your ADSL connection is working you will find that these three toos provide you with answers without having to telephone support.

How Exetel is Responsible For Your Exetel Residential Broadband Service

Exetel Support Engineers can help you with these issues only:

Exetel Support Engineers can not help you with the setup or operation of your computer, software, email, web page or any other aspect of the configuration and use of your own computer system and Internet access.

In most cases you can get help from the Exetel forum, which has over ten thousand topics providing solutions to just about any problem you are likely to encounter. You do not have to register to browse or search the forum site. You can visit the site now and see first hand the information available to you there - http://forum.exetel.com.au

How to contact Exetel for support

There are two ways to contact Exetel

  1. When your service is working log a fault ticket on line at: https://helpdesk.exetel.com.au/
  2. When your service is not working, call (02) 8030 1000

Before you log a fault on line or call Exetel

The first thing you will be asked when reporting a service problem is if you have done an isolation test. Exetel will be unable to assist you any further until an isolation test has been done.

To perform an isolation test, disconnect everything from your ADSL line (including phone, fax, back to base alarm, Foxetel™, filters etc) EXCEPT for the ADSL modem. If once isolated, the problem no longer exists, then you know that one of the devices connected to your line was causing the problem. You can determine which one by connecting them again one by one until the problem starts again.

Please note: it is important you do the test and not just say that you have. If it is later on found that the fault was caused by your equipment or cabling, you may be charged an incorrect fault fee.

About the Exetel Forum

The Exetel forum is located here - http://forum.exetel.com.au

The purpose of the Exetel Forum is:

The Exetel forum is the first place you should go for any support issue. The forum is monitored by Exetel engineers and management as well as Exetel customers who, on a volunteer basis, provide much helpful advice. The average response time to any new post on the forum is around 60 minutes (between 8am and midnight)

If you report a problem on the forum that is specific to you, an Exetel engineer may ask you to email them directly with your circuit and other details so that they can help you directly. The engineer will open a fault ticket for you and give you the fault ticket number for future reference.

About Calling Exetel

When you call Exetel you will be connected to an automated system that will direct your call. You will be able to:


How Exetel Residential Broadband Service issues are resolved

Exetel is the intermediary between the carrier that provides the ADSL infrastructure and the end user of the service. Exetel uses qualified engineers that have, or have access to, a great deal of skill and experience to provide the fastest resolution to a service fault.

You should be aware that:

For certain fault types you may be asked to perform one or more tests in conjunction with the carrier and Exetel to assist the carrier determine the cause of the fault. You will need to be prepared to be available for up to two hours during business hours if those tests are required.

If you are dissatisfied with the support you have received or some other aspect of the Exetel service, please email complaints@exetel.com.au. Email to complaints goes directly to Exetel senior managers. You will be sent an acknowledgment of your email by the manager that will be investigating your complaint, they will then investigate and send you a response within seven days.

When you email resolution@exetel.com.au you MUST include your fault ticket number or fault details. The investigation can not commence without that information.